Crazy Days

At the end of last year I posted about my own personal genealogy for the year and goals for 2012. Who could have known how 2012 would start. And I must say- I’m glad I didn’t know then how things would go for the first quarter of 2012. My grandson that was due in February was born with a heart defect. Thank God he is out of the hospital now, but he only just got out last week after spending all but 3 days of his life in a NICU unit. It’s a miracle he is alive and we thank God for giving us more time with this little guy. We spent from February 5 through about March 12 at the hospital with my son and his wife and our grandson, except for a few days when we returned home to take care of other business that had been put off while we were at the hospital.

The great thing about life is that things always change. Our grandson was released from the hospital and we’re now in Arizona- my husband working while I work on a class for my Masters degree and try to get in some genealogy research. While we were at the hospital I was able to access internet and spent a lot of time on Ancestry where I was able to connect with a distant relative who helped me get past one of my brick wall ancestors. There’s nothing like finally making that break-through!

Now that we’re back to a more normal routine, I’m hoping to get back to writing this blog and including actual data you can use in your own research. Good luck in your research and I hope you find something useful here on the blog.


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