Some of the best parts of 2011 relate to my personal family history. At the beginning of 2011, my daughter had just gotten married and shortly thereafter my son married. Before the end of the year, my daughter had a son and my son’s baby will be here in less than 2 months. I took a phenomenal trip to Massachusetts this year and was able to do research on several lines that I don’t normally research. The end result of the trip was a Christmas gift to my parents which included a 20-page book I wrote about our family in Massachusetts.

This year I started blogging about the histories of families in my local area which promptly got derailed by my studies for my Masters degree. I started doing genealogy research on a professional level and am working toward professional certification. And, I started a very large transcription project which I hope will result in publication and be of benefit to those who research in my locale.

That’s a lot of beginnings for one little year!

I took an idea from Amy Coffin’s The We Tree Genealogy Blog at http://wetree.blogspot.com/ to set my goals for 2012. I did add one type of goal to her suggestions- a sharing goal. In 2012, my genealogy goals are:

1. To learn more about my great-grandmother’s family (Edith Hubbard Drake)(Research goal)
2. To publish my current records transcription project (Writing goal)
3. To scan in at least some of my proof documents (B/M/D, census, etc)(Organizing goal)
4. To share some of the family history and research with relatives (Sharing goal)

I expect to do some traveling this year and hope to get in at least one good research trip as well. There are many things I’d like to do and there never seems to be enough time to do all I want. Hopefully having only four major goals this year will allow me to be successful.

Now if I could just pare down my personal goals…

Happy new year to all- may it be the best one yet!

~Lisa at Days of Our Lives Genealogy Blog

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