Archie L. Hise, Patriot and City Councilman

1913 was possibly the most difficult of Archie Hise’s life. Possibly. On 15 February 1913, Archie’s brother Charles was in an “unavoidable” automobile accident and died as a result. Just two months later, on 16 April 1913, Archie’s father passed away due to heart disease. Within a few years, Archie entered the military. I imagine there wasn’t a more difficult time in Archie’s life than the decade between 1910-1920.

Archie Lee Hise was born in in February 1895 in Brooklyne, Missouri to Isaac and Sarah Jane THOMPSON HISE. (Brooklyne, Missouri, is possibly Brooklyn, Harrison, Missouri. One family tree gives the birthdate 14 October 1894 and another family tree gives a birthdate of 14 February 1894 with a birthplace of Webb City, Jasper, Missouri, but I am uncertain where they are getting their information. I believe the more accurate date is the date given on the 1900 census which occurred just 5 years after his birth. I am also using the birthplace listed on Archie’s Draft Card registration as opposed to the unsourced family histories.) His siblings were Alice A., Charles, Ethel, Roxy, Cleo (a girl), Irene, Bruce, and Gladys. Everyone in the family was born in Missouri except Isaac, who was born in Tennessee.

The family (mom, dad, and all children from Alice to Cleo) lived in Joplin Ward 1, Jasper, Missouri, in 1900. The lived somewhere between 1503 and 1426 Hill Street. Isaac was a teamster and Charles was a laborer. By 1910, the family had moved to Webb City Ward 4, Jasper, Missouri. They lived on Devon Street which was classified as “mining land”. Isaac was still working as a teamster and Alice and Chas were no longer living in the home. The family had increased by three children- Irene, Bruce, and Gladys.

On 15 February 1913, Archie’s brother Charles was in an “unavoidable” automobile accident and died as a result. Just two months later, on 16 April 1913, Archie’s father passed away due to heart disease. Their mother Sarah, provided the information on Charles’ death certificate. She gave Charles’ birthplace as Green[e] County, Missouri, and his birthdate as 10 May 1884. She stated that the family lived in Webb City, Jasper, Missouri. Charles was about 3 months away from celebrating his 29th birthday. He was single at the time of his death. He is buried at Carterville Cemetery in Missouri. Archie’s sister, Alice A. HISE PORTER, provided the information on her father’s death certificate. She stated that Isaac was born 8 October 1849 in Nashville, Tennessee. She was able to provide Isaac’s father’s name (Jim HISE) but not his birthplace or any information about Isaac’s mother. Charles’ death certificate: Isaac’s death certificate:

In 1917-1918, Archie completed his WWI Draft Registration Card. He gave his birthdate as 14 October 1894 and his birthplace as Brooklyne, Missouri. At this time, he was living at East 2nd Street in Webb City, Jasper, Missouri. He stated that his usual occupation was as a mechanic but that he was unemployed at that time. He was single and stated his family consisted of his mother, brother, and three sisters. He stated he had previous military experience as a Private in the militia for one year in the state of Missouri. His physical description is “tall, slender, brown hair, brown eyes”.

In 1920, Archie has his own family- his wife, Nora GOFF HISE. They are living at 910 East 9th Street in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. Archie is working as a mechanic and Nora is a homemaker. Although Nora is listed as Archie’s wife in 1920, the only marriage record I could find was dated 17 June 1922 in Ottawa County, Oklahoma. (Archie’s sister Gladys was also listed as having married in Ottawa County, Oklahoma, on 2 March 1925.)

Archie’s WWII Draft Registration Card was completed in 1942. At that time he lived at 311 North Treece Street, Picher, Ottawa, Oklahoma. He gives his birthdate as 17 November 1894 and birthplace as Springfield, Greene, Missouri. He states he is unemployed and lists his sister as his contact person – Gladys Velcher at 420 North Netta Street, Picher, Ottawa, Oklahoma. He is described as being 5’9 and weighing 165 pounds. He had brown eyes, gray hair and a light complexion. He must have grayed early since he lists his age as only 48 years old.

The last piece of information I can find about Archie is the newspaper article transcribed on Monday’s blog entry where we find him being sworn in as a Picher City Councilman. This swearing-in happened in May, 1946. The unsourced family histories referenced earlier in this post give Archie’s death date prior to 1946. However, there are several discrepancies between the unsourced family histories so any information would need to be documented and verified by anyone researching the Hise family.

By all accounts, Archie lived a normal life. A mechanic who took his civic duties seriously with service to both the nation (military) and his town (Picher City Council). A man who lived through a rough year in 1913 with the loss of two close family members.

Let this post be a “thank you” to Archie for his sacrifices to maintain my freedoms.

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