WILLIAMS siblings in Ottawa County, Oklahoma 1900-1946

Yesterday’s raw data leads to today’s relationships and tomorrow’s family stories. I love genealogy!

After doing some more research on yesterday’s WILLIAMS families residing in Ottawa County, Oklahoma between 1912 and 1915, I found that at least three of the Heads of Household were born in Kansas (according to census records found online). Those three include Abe WILLIAMS (also known as Abraham Garfield WILLIAMS and sometimes listed as Abel), Alonzo E. (also listed as Alozo and Elonzo) WILLIAMS, and C. P. (or Charles P., also listed as Char. P., Chas. P. , or Chas.; I’ve also seen a Charles Parks WILLIAMS that I believe may be this Charles) WILLIAMS.

Alonzo was born in October, 1863 and Charles was born in August, 1858 according to records found on Ancestry.com. Both were listed as being Shawnee on later records, but also as Cherokee on early records. During my research I learned that they were brothers. They came to Indian Territory (later Oklahoma) between 1865 and 1900.

Looking at census records for Charles, the family lived in Shawnee, Johnson, Kansas in 1865 and 1870. Their parents were Richard and Margaret (PARKS) WILLIAMS. Charles and Alonzo’s siblings were Eliza J., Maliey (girl), Parcilla (girl), and Mary. There is also an older man in the home in 1865 with the same last name who, based on age, could possibly be the boys’ grandfather- Arthur WILLIAMS. Additionally, there is a woman living there named Eliza J. ALSOP who could also be related.

In later years, Charles reported his father as having been born in Tennessee. The 1865 Kansas state census reports that his father, Richard, was born in Missouri but in 1870, Richard’s birthplace is listed as Tennessee. Arthur was born in Tennessee. Margaret has two birthplaces listed- Kansas and Missouri. Alonzo, Charles and their siblings are consistently listed as having been born in Kansas.

This is a brief and incomplete account of one extended family living in Ottawa County in the early 1900’s. There are many other resources to follow up on in regard to this family. Continuing research may reveal more relationships between the Ottawa County WILLIAMS families as well.

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