Days of Our Lives

I’m hijacking my own blog and giving it a new focus. The new name is Days of Our Lives. With this blog, I hope to offer information that is helpful not only to my own family, but to others as well. I hope to pass along specific information about specific people- both related to me and unrelated to me- that I have come across in my 23 years of personal family history research.

The following data comes from a book called Early School Census Records of Ottawa County Oklahoma 1912-1915, Volume 1 which I accessed at Miami Public Library in Miami, Oklahoma while researching Williams families in that area. The parent’s name will appear first, then the children’s names and dates of birth. School district codes were also included unfortunately over the course of time, the code sheet has gotten separated from the rest of the data. Once I locate it again, I will add information to this set of data. If you can add information to the people here, please let me know. I will also be adding information both about these people, as well as others, on this blog over time.
Here is what I have:

Williams, Abe G.
Elsie, 2-18-1903
Abe, Jr., 4-8-1904
Mary, 5-27-1907

Williams, A. J.
Grace, 10-9-1902

Williams, Alonzo E.
Roy, 7-19-1894
Girty, 3-31-1897
Ellsie, 4-6-1902

Williams, B. E.
Nellie, 8-13-1895
Elsie, 11-24-1897
Hazel, 6-12-1903
Elmer, 11-5-1905

Williams, C. P.
Roy, 12-25-1893
Myatte W., 1892
Clarence, 3-28-1900

Williams, C. W. & Violet
Clarice, 6-23-1898
Carl, 10-29-1902
Edna Faye, 1-12-1908

Williams, Dora
Edgar, 1-30-1895
Nettie, 5-11-1905
Oleta, 11-23-1907

Williams, Florence
Fern, 9-9-1894
Florence, 8-31-1897

Williams, Green V.
Mason, 9-27-1892
Margaret, 10-18-1901

Williams, H. D.
Evelyn, 1-12-1897
Don, 11-17-1898

Williams, Ike T.
Frank A., 9-23-1894

Williams, J. A.
Francis, 7-9-1908

Williams, J. C. & Sarah
Mack, 4-19-1891
Salina, 1-10-1892
Dan, 12-4-1898
Virgil, 2-26-1907

Williams, John W.
Liddie Ruth, 12-3-1897

William, M. B.
Chlora, 8-20-1897
Mable, 12-1-1901

Williams, Oliver T. & M. Y.
Accy Thomas, 6-25-1900
Roy, 8- -1908

Williams, S. C. & Rosa
Ethel, 9-28-1897
Daniel, 8-26-1902
Derward, 7-26-1904
Lizzie, 5-11-1907

Williams, Warren W. & M. E.
Ethel, 3-25-1900
Harry, 8-5-1902

I am including one additional record as it has the possibility of being a Williams family:

Willim, J. C.
Maud, 12-4-1891
Leota, 10-27-1895
Roy, 3-14-1898
Homer, 1-17-1903

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