Pepsi goes Native American?

Heritage and archiving- two things I dearly love. I’m getting my Master’s degree from University of Oklahoma in Library and Information Science. Libraries, archives, and museums are so very important. There is currently a project on Pepsi Refresh’s website dedicated to saving a Cherokee cabin and restoring it. You can read a little about the project on the blog “On the Trail of the Trail” at You can also read about and vote for the project at Please feel free to refer to either link in your own blog. I’d like to see Pepsi fund this project. So I hope you’ll get to Pepsi’s site and vote, vote, vote! You’ll have 10 votes. Be sure to check out the many other worthy projects to help foster children, the elderly, the homeless, animals, the environment…just about anything you are passionate about is there. Be sure to bookmark the site so you can go back and vote each day this month for your favorite projects.

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